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This is a game with a drama and a little bit of comedy narrative, with just two characters,  a depressive man and the very own Death, the two characters have to opposites goals but the same path to carry on together.

Empathy has a proposal to be an game where you interact with objects and dialogue with death to end the game... We from 703 expect from the players to just enjoy the story and enjoy the playing, the game was made in a GameJam, and by an team of students of Digital Games, and it is our very first game made and published. 

!! Careful , this game is not  suitapble for peaple  under 18 years old, or phychological problems !!


To start the game press SPACE

You can walk with  : A for left  and  D for right 

To interact press  : E


!!For play the game you have to download and unzip the files!!


Andres Benke Marcolino-- Programmer

Matheus Lellis -- Programmer

Renan Koichi Shoyama Shimomichi -- Sound Design

Kareu Raimundi -- Game Design / ScreenWriter

Erick Costa Ferreira -- Art design


Empathy.zip 23 MB

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